Biodegradable, environment-friendly substance manufactured in controlled conditions from sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide.

Usage of Sobic:

Health care, Food, Agriculture, Technology and other.

It is used to clean building facades.

It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries, as well as in the production of detergents (as an ingredient of washing powders and a substance dissolving fats, decreasing water hardness, delicately, yet efficiently removing dirt, but also as an additive in agents used to refresh and clean furniture, carpets and baths).

Sobic in the health care industry is a product used in the growing environment of kidney dialysis and other serious care treatments. It is namely used as a buffering agent, providing bicarbonate ions to balance the pH during blood purification. It may also be used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, effervescent tablets and a wide variety of wellness products like bath balls.

Sobic in food industry has varied applications in the food industry, for example, as a raising agent and in baking powder, neutralizing tomato acidity, maintaining turgidity in fruits and vegetables, eliminating the strong flavour of venison and preventing syrup crystallization.

A mineral substance provides an additional source of sodium in feed used both by feed manufacturers and private farmers.


Varies from fine powder to medium, and even large granules


5 Kg

10 Kg

25 Kg

500 Kg

1000 Kg