Zinc Ash

Zinc Ash

Crude zinc ashes (also called zinc skimmings) are the residues left behind in the galvanising bath after the hot-dip galvanising of steel. The zinc ashes appear as a thin layer on the surface of the galvanising bath and are removed after each cycle. Zinc ash is oxidized zinc that forms on the surface of molten zinc metal.

The ash consists of a powdery material and solid metallic pieces of an irregular shape. There are other products called zinc dross, zinc skimmings, zinc top dross or zinc oxide.

Usage of Zinc Ash:

Preparation of micronutrients for the soil.

Zinc ash is a by-product of production of zinc oxide. It appears as powder, can be used as a raw material for production of zinc sulfate, zinc chloride and zinc oxide production by direct method etc.

Other names:

Zinc skimmings


Grey or bluish-white/silver shiny metal